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Air Comfort HVAC


Welcome to Air Comfort HVAC!

Here you can find all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. We have a wide range of services offered by highly trained experts who will be able to install, diagnose, and repair with precision. The best part about our services are that they are fast, friendly, and very affordable. We usually offer promotions and will be able to save you big bucks! Our customers have been very satisfied with the work that we’ve done in their houses. We do everything from the smallest of projects to the biggest undertakings in home improvement. We’ve got a lot of great testimonials about our services, and we’ve included some below to show you how elated our customers are about the work that we do. In fact, they often are so happy with our work that they keep coming back if they need any other repairs with other heating, air conditioning, or ventilation problems that they might have in their home. Keep reading below to see them!

Testimonial: Tammy

“Hi! I’m Tammy. I have a large summer house in the Virginia Beach area and love spending time there when the weather is warm. However, on certain days during the summer, it can get particularly hot. That’s when I’m super thankful to have my air conditioning. I’ll spend a few hours out reading on the beach and then will go in to the house to cool off and make myself some iced tea. The air conditioning just feel so good on my skin. I love it!

Last month, we got an uncanny storm in the area that hit us pretty hard. We weren’t really expecting it to be that severe. It took out some power lines and did some damage to some houses. Unfortunately, my air conditioning unit was badly damaged during the storm. The next day, it was insufferably hot. To make matters worse, because there had been so much rain from the storm the day before, the humidity was extremely high, making everything feel incredibly uncomfortable. I knew I needed to do something fast before my family and I spent a sleepless muggy night in our summer home (We live in Connecticut most of the time, so we are usually not used to brutally muggy heat). I looked online to see what company offered the best A/C repair and found that Air Comfort HVAC seemed to have fast and friendly service. They did not let down their end of the bargain! I called them and they came over right away to see what the problem was. They were able to diagnose the issue with my air conditioning unit and sent a repairman over in a very short amount of time. What blew my mind was that at the end of the repair session, the bill was so low! I was elated.

I’m so happy I contacted Air Comfort HVAC! If I have any other kind of issues with my air conditioning, heating, or ventilation, I will be sure to get in touch with them immediately!

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